Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an app that may look intimidating, but it is incredibly easy to use.  It does not have as many rebates available as Ibotta, but it is even easier to navigate.  The nice thing with Checkout 51 is you can use it at ANY store!  In addition, you can use it even if you don’t have a smart phone.  It can be done right from your computer!

The first step is to download the app (or open the page on the browser) and make an account.  You can do that here.  After you create an account, it will look like this:

It will list all the different rebates available.  You can click the star on the right to save your favorites at the top of the list.  Also notice the “Pick your own offer” rebate.  Each week Checkout 51 will have a “Pick your own offer” which is a healthy offer to choose from.  You can select your favorite healthy offer and redeem a rebate on it.

When you have made a purchase and are ready to submit your receipt, click on the “Upload Receipt” button on the bottom.  Take a picture of your receipt by clicking the button at the bottom..  If your receipt is too long, you can add another section and take a picture of the next section.  When you are done, click the “Finish” button.

After clicking the “Finish” button, a page will come up asking you to select the offers that are on your receipt.  Click the blue square on the right of the rebate, and it will select it.  Some offers require you to scan the barcode to verify it, other offers do not require this. Once you have selected your offers, click the “Claim it” button on the bottom, and then you get your credit!  Once you have reached $20, you can redeem for a check!

Another great thing with Checkout 51 is some offers can be redeemed more than once!  If you click on the offer, it will tell you how many times it can be redeemed.  For example, this rebate for Fiji Water can be redeemed 3 times!

If you have any questions about Checkout 51, please leave them in the comments and I can update this post as needed.  Be sure to download the Checkout 51 app here!