Mobisave is a fantastic app!  Not only can it be used at any store, but unlike other apps that require a minimum to cash out, Mobisave pays directly into your Paypal account after every rebate you redeem!  You don’t have to wait to cash out, you get paid immediately after every rebate redeemed!

The first step is to download the Mobisave app and create an account.  You can do that here.

When you download Mobisave, it will look like this when you open it:

There will be a list of the different rebates available.  Click on the bookmark on the right of each item to add it to your saved list.  Once the item is saved the bookmark will be blue.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Mobisave rebates MUST be saved on your account before you buy the items.  It’s okay to save rebates on your list and then end up not buying them, but they will not pay you if you add the rebate after your purchase is completed.  So once I save the item to my list and then go purchase it, I click on the picture of the camera that says “Redeem” under it:

If you have a long receipt, you can take multiple pictures.  When you are done taking pictures, click “Done.”

You will then click the items you have purchased on your saved list.  Then click the “Get Cash Back” button, and wait for the money to be deposited straight into your Paypal account!

And that’s it!  A very simple app with a ton of savings!  If you have any questions, ask in the comments and I can update this post as needed.  And of course, make sure to download the Mobisave app here!