In my opinion, ReceiptPal is the EASIEST coupon app to use!  You upload any receipt, and you get credit for it!  You don’t have to buy any specific items, and your receipt can be from anywhere: restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, you name it!  Best of all, you can even send them receipts from purchases made online!

First, you will need to download the ReceiptPal app and create an account.  You can do that here.  After you create an account, it looks like this:

All four of the boxes will have blue cameras in them.  Click on the blue camera, and you will be able to take a picture of your receipt.  Once the receipt is processed, it turns to a green check mark like in the picture above.  When four receipts are uploaded and accepted, you get 100 points!  Redeem your points for gift cards and other prizes.  That is all there is to it!  One thing with ReceiptPal is that you have to capture the entire receipt in one picture.  Sometimes if I have a long receipt I have to lay it on the floor to get it to fit in one picture!

ReceiptPal allows you to submit e-receipts with their Email AutoDiscovery.  That means whenever you purchase something using the e-mail address in your ReceiptPal account, they can find it and credit your account.  If you would rather, you could forward the e-receipts to ReceiptPal and get credit that way.

It takes some time to accumulate enough points for a big payout, but when I have receipts around all the time, why not make a little money off of them?  Download ReceiptPal here!