SavingStar is an easy app to use, once you understand the way it works.  With SavingStar, you can either download the app on your smartphone, or you can use it directly on your computer.

The first step is to download the SavingStar app and make an account (or get on your computer and make an account).  You can do that here!

After you make an account, it will look like this:

There will be a list of available offers.  To add an offer to your list, click the yellow plus sign on the bottom of the offer.  It will then turn green and say it is activated.

Before you buy anything, you will need to click on the “Redeem” link on the bottom of the page.  This is where you can add the stores in your area.

Here are some stores that I have already added.  You can add more stores by clicking the “Add Store” button on the top right.

It will bring up a list of all the stores that participate in SavingStar.  Click on the “I Shop Here” to add it to your list of available stores.  Some stores like CVS or Rite Aid ask you to input your loyalty card number.

If the store has a loyalty card, add the loyalty card number to SavingStar, and you don’t even have to scan your receipt.  SavingStar will track your purchase for you and add the money to your account!  If the store does not have a loyalty card, you will have to click the “Redeem” button, select the store you purchased the from, then scan the barcode by clicking the “Verify Items You Bought” and taking a picture of your receipt.

When you use SavingStar from your computer, the process is a little bit different.

You still activate the items as usual, but when you go to redeem your offers, you enter the UPC codes from the packages (instead of scanning the barcodes).  You will then either scan your receipt or take a picture with a camera or phone, and then upload the receipt to the website.

It generally takes 1-2 days for the savings to be added to your account, and once you reach $5, you can deposit the money into your paypal account!  I’ve been using SavingStar for years and have saved hundreds of dollars.  It is definitely worth getting.  Make sure to download the SavingStar app here!